Monday, December 8, 2008

The First Entry is the Hardest, Right?

Here's hoping anyway.
My goals: I want to be able to document some things going on in our homeschooling life, so that maybe I can remember just why I'm doing this, or I have something to help me remember cool things I want to be doing.
Who I am: I'm Debra, and we've considered ourselves to be homeschoolers since before the kids were even born. There are now five of those kids. 

Connor: my 11 year old 6th grader. He's in Boy Scouts, loves science, is great at math, reads everything in sight, and is currently on a computer programming kick.
William: my 10 year old 4th grader. He has struggled with reading, and therefore with a few other things as well. He loves to cook, he loves read-aloud time, and he absorbs almost everything he hears. He's a Webelos Scout, and his goal is to earn all twenty activity badges, faster than his big brother did. Five down so far.
Thomas: my 8 year old 2nd grader. He's a pretty typical 2nd grader, and he'd rather be playing games than doing school. He loves the read-aloud time too, particularly the less schoolish ones. He loves Cub Scouts.
Richard: my 4 year old. He wants to do everything his big brothers do, has taught himself to read and has taught himself a bunch of math. He's counting the days until he's a real kindergartner, and the days until he can be a Tiger Scout.
Katrina: my 2.5 year old daughter. She is always on the move. She happily runs around the house, insisting on being called "Princess" and reciting her ABC's (I ought to get that recorded.... she skips letters, and once she gets to P, she jumps back to E or so)

Okay, so that is it for today. I need to get busy with trying to decide whether or not Scouts should be called off due to snow. (one post down... think I can keep it up?)


Rodna Allman said...

So cute Debra. Did you ever record her saying her ABC's?

Vickie said...

So...did William beat Conner in earning all 20 activity badges before Connor?

This is fun learning about your kids.

Debra said...

No, unfortunately, I never did record Trina doing her ABC's. :(

Vickie -- YES William did earn all the activity badges faster than Connor. And then he proceeded to cross over to Boy Scouts and earn First Class faster too. LOL. Since then, however, he lost momentum.

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

So glad you kept it up!

Joelle said...

That was a nice first post.

The Happy Homeschool Mom said...

Great first post!

Debbie Phillips said...

Great first post. It is so funny, I looked at my first posts and I never really introduced myself or my family except what was in my profile! I guess I should have done that! Instead I just jumped in like everyone on the Internet should know who I was. You seemed to really know what you were doing with your blog and had a purpose and a idea what to do from the very start. Congrats. Love your blog from first post to today.