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All About Homophones -- with Coupons

I wanted to post some information about a new program -- All About Homophones -- which is put out by the same lady who does All About Spelling (I write about that here).  I did purchase this in ebook format yesterday, and didn't want to recommend it until I had actually seen it.  At the bottom of this is a $10 coupon code good only until Monday, but that brings the cost of the ebook down to $18.

The book includes a few things, and you can see samples on the website.  I'll briefly run through the table of contents:

Introduction - pretty basic, one thing I really do like is the brief discussion about regional accents and her "permission" to ignore any homophones in here that are NOT homophones where you live
Graphic Organizers - there are 6-7 different pages to use for the child to create their own definitions, pictures, sentences, or what have you. 
Worksheets - there are roughly 100 worksheets, and she has divided them into grade levels, 1-8.  Grade 1 only has 3, grade 2 only has 6, grades 4-5 have the most (around 20).  I love that they are split into grade levels so that I have a good idea as to what is appropriate. There are also about a dozen crossword puzzles, with notes as to which grade's worksheets they cover.
Card Games - she lists out 6 different card games and then has 12 pages of printable homophone cards, that include the word and a definition (or picture).  That's only about 50 homophones, which does disappoint me, but it does seem that this includes the homophones that are among the most frequently used words
More Teaching Tools - there is some interesting information in here - a book list, some forms for the student to create their own homophone pages, tongue twisters, riddles, and puns
Appendices - answer keys, alphabetical list of homophones in this book, and a mega-list of homophones

My plan for the book?  Keep in mind I have a houseful of people who can't spell (Connor is getting much, MUCH better -- but still)

I am going to sit down with Connor (6th grade) and have him start with the first grade worksheets, and I am going to focus on one worksheet at a time, planning to get through three a week (M, W, F) and making an effort on the off day to incorporate silly stuff to review, and eventually the card games.  When he gets far enough to do a crossword puzzle, I'll make that a Friday activity instead of a new worksheet.  When we get to the grade 4 list, we'll probably slow down to more like 2 a week, and I'll make sure he is really working on the spelling.

By the time we get to the grade 7 list (he'll likely be in grade 7), we will probably slow it down to a worksheet a week, and at that point.  When he finishes the Grade 7 list, assuming he is still in grade 7, I'll set him loose with the mega-list of homophones, and assign him to choose a set each week (that isn't on the 8th grade list) and either use the graphic organizers or the forms from the More Teaching Tools section.  I'll do the same in 8th.

For the younger guys, I plan to go more slowly.  I probably won't even start Thomas yet, just so William (4th grade) gets a chance to work through this ahead of him.  I'm going to have William do two sheets a week for the 1st and 2nd grade words, and definitely work in the card games.  I'll switch to one a week with the 3rd grade list.  We will really go all out having fun with this.

For Thomas, we'll start the list in March, probably.  And he & I will only do a sheet a week through the rest of the school year.  We'll start up again with the 3rd grade list in third grade, probably moving at a list per week pace there too.

I will be trying to find some of the recommended books, and playing with those some.

Overall, I am *thrilled* with this purchase, as it is going to be something I can easily use with all the kids for a lot of years.  I am *very* glad I purchased the ebook and not a hard copy, so that I can print off worksheets for each kiddo as we go.  I really, really like that these are fairly short and easy, and don't have to take up a lot of time.

Note:  All About Spelling has an affiliate program, but I have not joined in that.  While I will use links that do benefit me at times, I plan to always disclose that.  If you choose to follow my link, great.  If not, great.  I just want you to be able to factor in my self-interest when reading my reviews :)  In this case, I don’t benefit directly (indirectly, maybe... AAS makes more money, maybe she can get Level 5 out sooner.  Or her reading program.  I can hope.)
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