Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review: Beeyoutiful

This is my second opportunity to try out products from Beeyoutiful.  Almost two years ago, I reviewed a product called Berry Well, which we really did like.

A few weeks ago, I received Tension Tamer and Peppermint Lip Balm.  I figure they must know me pretty well.

Tension Tamer is billed as "the ultimate de-stresser" and as soon as I opened the package, I opened this up and rolled some on the back of my neck.  I carry stress in my neck and shoulders, and that is where I have been using this.  I immediately noticed the wintergreen fragrence, but upon reading the ingredients, there is also peppermint and eucalyptus for stronger-smelling oils.  Other ingredients include oils like jojoba, sweet almond and grape seed.

I simply LOVE that this is so natural -- no artificial fragrances, no preservatives, no petroleum.

And three of us have had a chance to use it.  I've used it the most.  Like I mentioned above, I mostly used it on my neck.  William used it one day when he had a headache.  And Dale used it when he was feeling under the weather, tense muscles and a bit of a headache.

William felt this worked great and he threatened to disappear with it so that he would always have some available.  My results were a bit more mixed... but...

My mom reacts badly to eucalyptus.  I've never really used eucalyptus as a result.  And after using Tension Tamer, I think I was right to avoid eucalyptus.

Dale's experience was far better than mine.  He said that he could feel it working almost immediately.  So this is a product that I am thrilled to let my family use, but I will avoid it for me.  And at $11 for a bottle that seems to last forever, I will get more. 

I also received Peppermint Lip B.A.L.M, a brand-new product.  This I loved... especially because it smells peppermint-y but doesn't taste it.  This all-natural product is fabulous.  Shea butter, beeswax, grape seed oil, and in the case of the one I received, peppermint essential oil.  Orange is also available.

The lip balm feels good, and it feels healthy.  It feels healthy for a reason -- anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants...  all kinds of great stuff. 

This is something I will certainly toss into my cart when I order from Beeyoutiful in the future.

And although this was not part of my review products, I also have some of their Hair Shine -- and I can rave about this one too.  I've been using that on Trina's hair and it is fantastic.  She thinks the citrus-y scent is a bit too strong, but in the week that we've been using it, not only is her hair easier to brush but it feels more healthy besides. 

This is a spray-on, leave-in conditioner.  I spritz Trina's hair with all-natural stuff like essential oils... and I brush through it.  And, like I said... her hair is easier to manage after only a week.

Hair Shine, right now, is available for $12.75.

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Disclaimer:  As part of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew, I did receive some of the products mentioned above for the purposes of a review.  All opinions are my own.  For more about my take on reviews, visit my blog post here.

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Kate said...

As I was reading this comment I remembered I had the Tension Tamer and my neck has been all wonky this evening. I put it on my neck as you suggested and literally in a few minutes, my head felt better. That is crazy. LOL I am happy!

Thanks for sharing your experiences!