Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bountiful Baskets: August 4

Thomas & I headed off to volunteer at Bountiful Baskets this morning.  Oh, what fun!  And some great stuff.

Here is one of our two baskets:

This one had an extra cabbage and an extra mango.  The other basket had three extra potatoes and an extra tomato.

So, including what we got for volunteering, we came home with --
  • Two Galia melons
  • Two bags of cherries
  • Three 6 oz packages of blueberries
  • Ten peaches
  • 18 bananas
  • Nine mangoes
  • Three heads of cabbage
  • Two heads of lettuce
  • 11 tomatoes
  • 29 potatoes
So, what to do with all of this?
  • The melons will be breakfast twice later this week
  • We'll simply eat the cherries
  • Dale requested something like blueberry muffins or blueberry pancakes.  Or both.
  • The peaches will be eaten early this week.
  • The bananas are quite green still, so they will probably be eaten next week
  • The mangoes?  Not sure.  We usually end up turning mangoes into smoothies. I might try to figure out something else to do.
  • Cabbage, yikes.  We've had an awful lot of cabbage lately.  I'll make up some cole slaw with one of the heads.   I'm thinking maybe some soup, and maybe a stirfry.  I don't think people here can handle my usual unstuffed cabbage casserole again.  I think we've had that four times in the last six weeks.  I'll have a revolt if I try that again.
  • The lettuce will be salads a couple days this week.  We still have some of the living lettuce from two weeks ago, and some spinach.  So we probably can do three salad meals.
  • The tomatoes just get used.  I don't have to plan for that.
  • Potatoes -- we actually were nearly out of potatoes this morning (about 9 pounds, I think), so this was great.  We'll use them throughout the next few weeks.
I also bought some lentils as extras.  We're going to be doing a lentil-based meal on a weekly basis.  Lentil chili, sausage-lentil soup, 

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Carrie said...

I really miss getting Bountiful Baskets...I have been working EVERY Saturday am...
Mangoes...AMAZING just to eat, but mango Salsa is A-MAZE-ING...
Cabbage...we love Chinese Chicken Salad...yum!
If you need any recipes...let me know via email or fb...but I am sure you can find what you need online...
Love what you got Debra!