Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bountiful Baskets: April 27

I ran our site today (eeek!)  which always makes me nervous.  Survived it, though.

Today was a beautiful basket though, and I got two. The photo shows one basket, but my list is what I got in both.

  • Three bunches of celery
  • Two heads romaine lettuce
  • Three bunches of broccoli 
  • Eleven tomatoes
  • Three bunches of green onions
  • Twenty-three potatoes
  • Two personal-size watermelons
  • Three boxes of strawberries
  • Four mangoes
  • Two pineapples
  • Thirteen bananas
This is another basket where it is tough to talk about what we'll do with it.
  • Potatoes, celery, lettuce, tomatoes -- those are totally just staples and I'll use 'em
  • The fruit will all just be eaten over the week.  I may do a dessert with one box of strawberries.
  • Green onions aren't exactly a staple, but I won't have to think about using them either.  I make a lot of stuff that calls for green onions where I end up subbing in regular onions instead.  I just won't do that (the substituting!)
  • Broccoli -- we'll chop some up and the kids can snack on it.  I'll do a stirfry with one bunch.  I'll use another in a casserole-y thing for lunch this week.

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