Friday, May 31, 2013

Giveaway: Philosophy Adventure

There is a new program coming to the homeschooling world here in the next week or so, and I get a chance to review it!  This here isn't that review... but in advance of its release, I have had a chance to look at a pre-final version of the program, and a chance to give one of YOU a digital copy of this product.  The review will be coming in August, after we have had a chance to actually work with the final version of the program.

Homeschool Adventure Co. is a company I hadn't heard of, but the description of  Philosophy Adventure – Pre-Socratics had me intrigued.  From their website:
Philosophy Adventure™ is a program designed to help students 6th-12th grade cultivate and defend a biblical worldview by teaching them how to write skillfully, think critically, and speak articulately as they explore the history of philosophy.
Okay, that all sounds good to me!  And I have three students in grades 6-12 (actually, they are in grades 7-11 now, how did THAT happen?) so I certainly have some test subjects.

The complete set consists of three parts:  a Reader, which is the basic text for the program; a Student text, which contains notebook pages for each philosopher, mapping assignments, writing assignments, and more; and a teacher's resource section, which contains some teaching help, answer keys, timelines and flashcards.

I've had the Reader for a week or so, and have had a chance to start reading through that.  Fabulous information, and clearly Stacy Farrell has spent considerable time putting together fascinating information in an easy-to-digest format.  From glancing through the Student Workbook and the Teacher's Resources, I'm even more excited to start using this.  The mapping assignments are straightforward enough that even I can see using them, and the timelines are very appealing.

There are a few ideas for scheduling the material.  Basically, there are eight different philosophers to study, with a unit devoted to each.  You could do a unit per week (there is a sample schedule available for that) and finish in about two months.  You could spread a unit out over a month to make this a year-long course.  What we are planning, though, is to take the middle ground by completing each unit in two weeks.  I think that workload is going to be about perfect.

By the time I'm due to write this review in August, I'm hoping we'll be through three or four of the units (having to take some time off when kids are off at camp!) so I should be able to give a pretty decent review at that point.

The prices are reasonable too.  A complete physical set is available for $89.95.  What I have (and am giving away) is a complete download version, which is available for $39.95.  There are other options that include some physical and some digital products at price points in between.

Now, a giveaway!  This will stay open for a week, and it is for a digital version of the Philosophy Adventure -- Pre-Socratics program. 

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Debbie Phillips said...

I would be using this with my only remaining student, my son Christopher 11th grade. I want this because we need something for Writing next year and this looks like it would cover that and some other subjects as well. I hope I win.

Dawn O said...

This does look like a really neat product. Really complements some of the "classical education" side of our homeschooling - mixed in with all of the other sides that make us so eclectic.

Kate said...

Hey you!

I think I would use this with my A and JH or maybe as a family in our own "Circle Time." :D

Thanks for hosting!


Kate said...

Oops! Missed the second question! I think this would be a fascinating way to discuss philosophy as a family. :)

XO again,

Susan P said...

It would be used with my oldest two kids. I think we all, including ME, would love to do this study!

zekesmom10 said...

I'll be using this with all of my boys as they are ready for the information. I imagine I'll benefit too!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for posting a great "first glance!" I am really excited to have the chance to dig deeper into Philosophy Adventure over the summer myself! Sometimes I am absolutely amazed at the breadth of knowledge I completely missed in my own schooling :).

Cristi said...

I wonder if completing this would allow Addison to CLEP out of a college Philosophy class. (If there's a Philosophy CLEP exam.)

I'd love to study this myself -- in all my free time. :)

Anne said...

My 14 year old son would be using this. Sounds great.