Friday, July 26, 2013

Lasagna: It's what's for dinner

This post could be subtitled -- I seriously scored at Safeway today!

I had to take Connor to town this morning to work on an Eagle project, then came home to pick my kids up to go work at the food pantry, and THEN I'll have to head back to town to pick Connor back up.

I decided that I needed convenience food tonight.  That today would be a good day to splurge on something easy to prepare, and yummy.  So I headed to Safeway.

I started by getting 18 gallons of gas for $2.43 per gallon (whooo-hoooo!) because I had earned $1 off per gallon.

Then I used my Starbucks giftcard to buy a coffee... which gave me a treat receipt, so I can go back and get a $2  beverage when I pick Connor up.  And I decided that I was picking up one of the party-size Safeway brand frozen lasagnas.  $10.  But tonight, it was worth it.

While waiting for the coffee, I logged into Safeway's Just 4 U site... where you can add coupons to your Safeway loyalty card.  Just in case there was some fabulous deal, like a free something or another.

I found a coupon for the party sized frozen meals, making them $8 ($7.99 actually), limit 3.  I quickly added that, as I'd much rather pay $2 less.  And then I found another coupon good for $5 of a $15 frozen foods purchase.  Oh, yeah, added that baby too.

So I purchased a lasagna for tonight.  A lasagna for the freezer.  And it cost me $10.98. 

Totally worth it.

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wodaking said...

I love the safeway lasagnas too. My son wanted that for his birthday dinner with 25 guests coming... safeway to the rescue! I maxed out that coupon and fed everyone for $24! (plus a fruit salad from my bountiful basket haul... lol!)

btw, I keep racking up gas discounts but our safeway doesn't have a gas station... lol. Is there any way I can share those with you?