Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Things taking up my time

I haven't blogged a real blog post in ages, and I'm sorry.  There's been a few things going on around here, nothing traumatic, but it just all adds up to a lack of time spent on my blog.

Food Pantry - we are transitioning the pantry so that we are no longer open on Sundays.  That is going to free up a whole lot of time.  I really love being able to serve our community, and I love that the kids get a chance to do so.  But when it takes up anywhere between ten and forty hours of my time during the week, other stuff suffers. 

Awana Program - a friend invited Trina to Awana at a neighboring church, I invited Richard along as well... that was January, and the kids have been involved ever since.  The teens started attending the Youth Group that happens there as well, which means I do have to take them all.  Richard and Trina are getting so very much out of Awana, and the big guys are enjoying the current video series that the youth group is discussing.

I asked for advice from a private forum about what to do with Trina.  She's in 2nd grade, and finished up the first Sparks Book in early March.  She was given the second Sparks book on March 9, and after the meeting this week, she was nearly through with it.  She has a couple verses and an obedience chart thingy to do this week.  The question was... do we start Book 3 when there are only 4 weeks left?  The decision was made that we would do that, and if she finishes, great.  If she doesn't finish (which is what I expect) we'll just work on it over the summer, as it is still great for her whether it "counts" or not.

Bountiful Baskets - we're supposed to be changing to Friday nights, and at some point, it might go back to every other week.  I think that is going to make things easier for me.  It's funny - I've taken photos of my baskets every single week, but I just can't seem to get a blog post up.

My mother is now doing Bountiful Baskets in Fargo.  That is a bit of a nightmare though.  They finally got one site open, and it is capping out in mere minutes every week.  Mom has been able to contribute for a basket twice now.  It's a bit like playing the lottery though.  Enter everything fast, fast, fast and pray you get through.

Computer -  my computer was completely on its last legs, and I did finally get a new (to me) machine.  I'm still struggling with getting everything transferred over here, and find myself not having what I need when I need it.  I'm getting there, though, and it is nice to NOT have my computer shutting itself down every ten minutes.

School - trying to juggle two high schoolers and everyone else too is still causing me stress.  Sometimes I really miss the days when everyone was younger and things really didn't "count" -- we could skip around a bit more, and I knew they were getting a fantastic education.  And I didn't have to think about transcripts.

Reviews - I have read nearly all the books over on the "upcoming reviews" list, but have not written reviews.  <sigh>  I gotta do that.  I also have a number of reviews for The Old Schoolhouse that simply have to get done. 

So, that is some of what is up here.  I've got some blog posts swirling around in my head, but I'm just not sure when those will happen...


Unknown said...

I have no idea how in the world you do all of this every week. Do you even sleep? I feel the same way though now that I have one in high school. Teaching high school just isn't as enjoyable as elementary and middle. I miss those days.

Debra said...

Diane, goodness, I think sleep IS what I'm missing most.

It is hard sometimes to fit it all in. But I am loving teaching high school. I'm having the most incredible, wonderful conversations with the teens.