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Compass Classroom Spring Sale

I have to tell you up front.  I don't tend to participate in affiliate programs.  I hate the thought that people are going to read what I write here and think, "She's only trying to make some money."

So for the most part, I don't participate.  When I review something, I want you to be able to trust me.  Since I'm one of those people who is usually trying to see the positive in things, I do know my reviews tend to skew towards the great things about a product already -- because nearly everything I've ever reviewed has had some wonderful features -- I do worry even more when I'm doing the affiliate thing, because I start to feel like I'm just a paid advertisement.

So, to be upfront, this post is littered with affiliate links.  If you are looking to purchase anything from Compass Classroom, I'd dearly love for you to do it through my link.  But this post is also littered with links to past reviews -- either where I got the product free in exchange for a review, or ones where I just wrote a review because I love the stuff.  They are doing a big Spring Sale right now, with all the curriculum for 20-50% off.

What do you think?  Do I own a couple of their products?

Visual Latin:  This is how I discovered Compass Classroom.  I had the chance to review the first part of the first year of the program, and I have itty bitty kids in the photo, laughing at the iPad.  Then it became a Crew Vendor, and although I wasn't on that review (as I already owned it), I did write another review, you know, because I wanted to.

Visual Latin

One excerpt from that:
But something I truly love: Dwayne Thomas makes mistakes in the videos.  Sometimes he catches it and corrects himself, without stopping the tape and doing it over.  Without editing out the wrong part later. Sometimes he doesn't catch it, and words appear on the video saying something like "He meant to say blah, blah, blah."

Dwayne Thomas has the opportunity to be perfect on these videos. But he doesn't do it.  He is REAL. And that frees my kids up to give this their best shot and to laugh off silly mistakes. If their magister screws up once in awhile, isn't it natural that they will too? It gives my kids freedom from that fear of making a mistake.

Right now, Visual Latin is 30% off.

Online Greek:  Connor took beginning Greek online from Dwayne, and he simply loved that.  If an intermediate class ever happens, we'll absolutely be doing that no matter what.  Dwayne was just as fabulous in an online format as he is on video.  Right now, the beginning class is 20% off.  And if you take it, then maybe we can get enough students for a second semester...

EconomicsEconomics for Everybody:  Another program I reviewed and really enjoyed.  This was put together with Dr. R C Sproul, Jr. of Ligonier Ministries.   I've had a lot of economics courses in my life, and I do have to say that I didn't agree with everything in this series... but it led to fantastic discussions in my household, and that is incredibly valuable.  Economics for Everybody is currently 30% off.

AmericanDave Raymond's American History:  I reviewed the first semester, and recently acquired the second.    This can be used as a high school American History credit for young high school students.  We had mixed feelings about this program, but Dave's enthusiasm is infectious, and it was great for starting discussions with my boys.  The course covers America before the Explorers came, up through approximately 1900. American History is the best deal going right now, at 50% off!

Old Western Cultures: Compass Classroom has a new relationship with Roman Roads Media, which is exciting!  I've been eying the Old Western Cultures courses for quite some time (right before the first quarter came out!) and we have finally gotten started.  We're only a couple lessons into The Greeks: The Epics at the moment, so I really can't say much.  But each year of the program is worth 2 high school credits -- one in literature, and one in social studies.  I'm also adding in a bit from the Artwork used in the course, and I think that will make this worth at least 1/4 credit in Art History.

I cannot begin to explain how exciting I am finding this course -- and my teens agree completely.  We are certainly planning to move on to the Romans course (in production, the first semester should be available soon!)  Old Western Cultures is currently 30% off.

Grammar of Poetry:  I have this in my hands, but the workbook was on backorder.  I've been too busy to really look at it, since I can't really get started.  But the preview lessons look amazing, and my kids are definitely interested.  They liked it enough that they even agreed to doing the poetry writing that is included in the course, as long as I don't go posting any of it on my blog, in a review, or on Facebook.  Grammar of Poetry is now 30% off.

There is also a Filmmaking course at 50% off, that I keep thinking I need to get for William.  And Modern Parables is 25% off.  That is something else that intrigues me, but I don't have it.  So I don't own EVERYTHING of theirs.  Not yet.
Modern Parables

And coming soon -- but not soon enough for this sale -- is a Vocabulary Class called Word Up!  Featuring Dwayne Thomas, the previews I've seen are hysterically funny and my teens are VERY excited to use this program.  Watch this space for a review of that, probably in mid- to late-June. 

Disclaimer:  All the links to Compass Classroom are affiliate links.  Except this one.  Feel free to go check their materials out through that link instead.  I was not required to post, nor to say anything positive about these products. 

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