Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Flood of Noah {a Moms of Master Books review}

It is time for another Moms of Master Books review -- this time, a fabulous book called The Flood of Noah: Legends & Lore of Survival.

Initially, I wasn't all that excited about this month's title.  We have lots of flood stuff already, most of it quite good, and I really didn't want yet another resource.  Then I realized this is in the same format as Dragons: Legends & Lore of Dinosaurs.  That was a truly wonderful book, and I couldn't wait to see this one.

Well worth it.

Here is what I love:  Not only do you get a cool book with lots of great illustrations and great text.  You also get to pull out little booklets, open up little flaps, and otherwise interact with the book to get more information.  Let me show you a bit:

Sometimes, like here, there is a little book within the book.  In this case, the "big book" is talking about ancient kings, and the little book is filled with amazing ancient maps.

Sometimes, you get to lift a flap to read more.  This page is talking about legends in Europe and North America, and when you life the pottery flap, you can read the legend of The Great Earthen Pot.

Sometimes, you get to fold something out that makes the page bigger and filled with more information.  The most impressive is this one:
Not that this is a fabulous photo... but this is three panels showing Noah's Ark. There is a fourth panel, off to the right, that includes text about the "survival vessel" plus another little book within a book.

The information included in the book is great, also, though with all the reading my family has done about the flood, I can't say there was anything truly new.  It is, however, in a fun and accessible format.

You can check out the book trailer here:

And go see what other Moms of Master Books have to say about The Flood of Noah.

There is a Book and a Treat Facebook party coming up tonight, July 22 at 7 pm Central Time, where you could win cool prizes -- and discuss the series too. 

Disclaimer:   I received this book for free from New Leaf Publishing Group as part of the Moms of Master Books program.  No other compensation was received.  The fact that I received complimentary products does not guarantee a favorable review.

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