Sunday, February 1, 2015

NIV Bible for Kids {a Family Christian Blogger review}

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I have two children who participate in AWANA programs.  Trina, the 8 year old, has a great Bible for "Young Women" that is nice and pink and orange and she loves it.

Richard, the 10 year old, does not have a NIV Bible of his own, so he ends up borrowing from his sister most of the time.  Pink and orange aren't exactly his favorite colors.

You can imagine how excited he was to get the NIV Bible for Kids from Family Christian!

First off, this is pretty boy-friendly.  Grayish-blue leather cover, with the words from Psalm 25:4-5 embossed in the cover.  It looks pretty grown-up too, which is a huge plus.  It is only about an inch thick, which is also a huge plus.  And then it also lays flat.  Oh, that is amazing and wonderful.

He was pretty thrilled to discover that all the words spoken by Jesus are in red.  Apparently, he's never seen that before.

Since it is a NIV version, he is easily able to complete pages in his AWANA book.

Another thing I really love about this is that despite the small size, the font is actually reasonable.  Even my old eyes can read it. 

Awesome Bible, I tell you.  I think it is just perfect for AWANA.  Just the text, readable, thin enough to carry around, plus a few pages of maps. 


Lori said...

This post had me looking up what AWANA was! I think I might have heard of it a long time ago, but I had to refresh my memory. Glad your son now has a Bible of his own to use. I believe everyone should have their own!

Lynn @ TDHGP said...

Oh, YES! Bibles that lay flat are PERFECT for AWANA. Makes ALL the difference in getting those books filled out.

I like the look of this Bible, too. I'm looking for new Bibles for my ministry kids at church. Love the "all boy" covers.

Kathryn said...

Yay, love that you found a Bible that is great and works. My kids like the red letter as well.