Friday, May 15, 2015

Chance of Loving You {a Tyndale House Blog Network review}

I have a few favorite authors in the Christian Romance category.  I've talked about them before.  When I saw Chance of Loving You was written by three of my favorites, I simply had to jump in to review this book.

I've read a couple of other anthology types of books in the past, where some authors "get together" and each write a portion of a book that ends up being separate, yet somehow connected, stories.

Chance of Loving You includes three separate stories that are tied together by the fact that they involve some type of a contest, and they each include a recipe.  The three bestselling romance authors include:
These stories were fun.

The publisher's description of the stories:

For Love of Money by Terri Blackstock Trying to launch her own design firm while waitressing on the side, Julie Sheffield was drawn to the kind man she waited on at the restaurant last night . . . until he stiffed her on the tip by leaving her half of a sweepstakes ticket.

The Recipe by Candace Calvert Hospital dietary assistant Aimee Curran is determined to win the Vegan Valentine Bake-Off to prove she’s finally found her calling. But while caring for one of her patients—the elderly grandmother of a handsome CSI photographer—Aimee begins to question where she belongs.

Hook, Line & Sinker by Susan May Warren Grad student Abigail Cushman has agreed to enter the annual Deep Haven fishing contest. She’s a quick learner, even if she doesn’t know the difference between a bass and a trout. But nothing could prepare her for competing against the handsome charmer she’s tried to forget since grief tore them apart.

One chance for each woman to change her life . . . but will love be the real prize?

My thoughts:

I enjoyed all three stories immensely.  One fabulous aspect is that they are each fairly short, so I didn't have to stay up until 4 a.m. finishing the book.  I could stay up until 1:00 instead, and do the next story the next day!

Terri Blackstock's story is quite different from what I normally read from her, so that was lots of fun. 

Candace Calvert's story mostly took place in a hospital, with the main characters being a hospital employee and a member of the police.  That is typical of many of her stories, so I felt right at home with that one. 

Susan May Warren locates her story in Deep Haven, with the main characters all traveling there for the fishing contest.  A few familiar faces from her other novels make appearances here, which is fun.  If you've never read a Deep Haven novel, though, you don't miss out on anything in this one.

This was a fun book to read!

Disclaimer:   I received this book for free from Tyndale House Publishers.  No other compensation was received.  The fact that I received a complimentary product does not guarantee a favorable review.

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