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Veritas Press Bible {a Schoolhouse Review Crew review}

Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review

My two elementary-aged children absolutely fell in love with the Veritas Press Self-Paced History program a couple of years ago.  We had the chance to review the first year (Old Testament and Ancient Egypt), and have since gone on to complete New Testament, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.  We are now working through Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation.  They love the program.

So when Veritas Press decided to have the Schoolhouse Review Crew take a look at their  Self-Paced Bible and their one-year family subscription to, you have to believe that my children were excited. 
We chose to work with the family subscription, and this is something I can absolutely recommend to others.  Currently, you have access to the following Homeschool Bible Curriculum choices:
  • Old Testament 1: Genesis to Joshua
  • Old Testament 2: Judges to Kings
  • New Testament 1: The Gospels
There are plans to add a third Old Testament level, plus a second New Testament level, but you can see the current choices at right.

What is really wonderful about this is that you can have children working in different courses, all for one subscription price.

Each child gets to create an avatar, and that is how they get into their section of the program.

This is set up in a rather game-like environment.  You progress across a map, and you get the little blue flags as you complete a "stop" or lesson.  The plain blue flag signifies a completed lesson.

Each lesson ends with either a worksheet or a game to review or test how the student is doing.  The flags with stars on them are from lessons where there was some sort of a test, and the stars indicate how well the student did.  This is the only "score" that is kept.

That is one difference between the subscription and the self-paced program.  The self-paced gives you as the teacher the opportunity to go back to see how the student has done.  I don't keep grades in elementary school, and I don't keep grades for bible courses at all, so the subscription is a better option for me.

Each section (like the "Call of Abraham" above) consists of four lessons.  The first lesson gives the big picture of that particular event, with the brother and sister team pictured at middle left being the ones who move the story along.

Lessons two and three go more in-depth with additional details.  The final lesson is a quiz.  The student is expected to learn dates, scripture references, and details from the story.  I love that the dates given are all similar in this case, anyway.  2019, 2091, 2190, and 2910 all use the same numbers.  I'm not necessarily a huge fan of memorizing dates in history, but this program does make that fairly easy to do.

The top photo in this image is from the memory song that plays in most lessons.  The bottom two are from a review game.

Of course, this is the screen my children love to see:

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Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review

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