Sunday, June 28, 2020

Five minute Friday: Compromise

It is time for Five Minute Friday.  On a Sunday.  Because that is just how I roll.

The idea is to take a word and write for five minutes without editing or preplanning or anything like that.  Just a note:  I will be editing, as my left shift key no longer works, and I don't plan to slow down to get the capital letters right.  I will go back and add those in after my timer goes off. 

This week, the word is Compromise.  Wow.


Compromise seems like such an appropriate word for 2020.  Not in the 'making concessions in our argument' sense of the word, but more in the sense of having to compromise our standards in various areas.

So my kids aren't taking live classes for some of their 4H projects, for instance.  We weren't able to have graduation ceremonies for either of my graduates this year.  Trina didn't get to teach the little kids in American Heritage Girls in a meeting, but got to do a video and a zoom meeting instead.


It just seems more dramatic this year -- as it is more dramatic this year.  But it also seems that life is a lot like that usually.  Making compromises, doing just enough to get by in some areas that don't matter so much right now, so that we can invest time where it does matter.

That is one reason that my younger two are at Bible Camp this summer.  I want them to spend their time with something that does really matter, and we are willing to give up time and money to make that happen.

Choices aren't always fun, and this year has involved far more compromise than I would prefer.  But life is like that.


And here is that video --

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Marvia said...

Enjoyed reading this and how you talked about compromised because we're in a season have just having to rethink, redo, and redesign.

Angelique C. Thomas said...

Hello from your FMF neighbor #33! I love the name of your blog, and I enjoyed the interplay between withdrawing or reducing emphasis on what doesn't matter so we can invest in what does. This is valuable for me to consider as I navigate transitions in my life. I am reminded to prioritize what matters, and for me, that is rooted in an eternal perspective. Thanks so much for the reminder!