Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Connor's Summer Reading List

The Old Schoolhouse is doing a book giveaway as part of their summer reading program for posting your planned reading list (for kids and adults!) So here goes...

Connor (rising 7th grader) and his planned reading list for the summer (June anyway):

(Items in bold have been completed)

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
The River by Gary Paulsen
Brian's Winter by Gary Paulsen
Brian's Return by Gary Paulsen
Brian's Hunt by Gary Paulsen (are you seeing a pattern here?)
Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan
Hittite Warrior by Joanne Williamson
a few different merit badge pamphlets (Camping, Fishing, Woodworking, Gardening, Radio)
pretty much any other book that crosses his path (this was added by Mom)

and more to come... right now, he is pretty focused on a) finishing the Hatchet series, and b) earning his Reading Merit Badge.

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