Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer is starting out CRAZY!

Okay, this is just a life in general post.  I needed one of those, I guess.

We are busy, allegedly homeschooling, finishing up Core 5.  Allegedly.  In reality, we are so stinking busy that not much "official" school is happening.  Connor heads to Boy Scout camp on Sunday (at 10:30 a.m.!!!  WHY so early on a Sunday???) and I will finish India before he leaves.  If it kills us all, it will be done.  (Okay, not really...)

So what have we been doing while NOT doing school?  Well, swim lessons have eaten up a ton of time.  Connor desperately needs to learn to swim, as the BSA Swimmer test is about the only thing he has left to do to make First Class, and he really wants to get the done.  

So, I found swim lessons that fit *before camp* into our insane schedule.  It's only two days a week, but somehow they just eat up the whole week.  This week, for instance, we took off Monday at 7:45, and had to hang out in town all day, as I didn't want to drive back and forth.  Connor had scouts that night, and being the last meeting before camp, it was a wee bit important to be there.  Plus, they did a mini-Court of Honor... and he received THREE Eagle-required merit badges.  Yeah, proud mom here!  We didn't get home Monday night until somewhere around 10, kids headed to bed, slept in Tuesday, and somehow that meant we lost most of Tuesday to school also.

Then we left yesterday morning for swim lessons (at 7:40).  The great news is that all three of them passed their level!  YAY!!  We ran to Walmart to grab a couple things Connor needs for camp, and headed for the bookmobile, where Connor is volunteering with the summer reading program.  It's way too much driving to go back and forth there too, so I walked to the post office with the rest of the crew, walked another 1/4 mile or so, and read a bunch of fairy tales.  We got home about 3:30, did a bit of school, but not nearly enough.  Not if I want to finish India this week.

And today?  It is 10:30, and only my two littlest are even awake.  The big boys are exhausted, and I just don't want to wake them.  So, today isn't going to be terribly productive either.  (I guess I was wrong... I just headed to the kitchen to get another cup of coffee -- I'm exhausted too -- and I heard the boys talking.  So after I post this, I'll be hollering at them to get out here and get the day started!)

The good news is we really don't have that much to do to complete India.  About half of the book  India: The People, and about 2/3 of a book on Mother Teresa.  Plus some articles on religions (but we are reading those at night, with Dad).  We have about 4 cities to read about in Gateway Cities.  And they have a bunch of Eastern Hemisphere Explorer to complete.  That's going to be the tough part.  Doable though, just went over what is left with Connor, and I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought.

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