Wednesday, August 19, 2009

After the storm

I know there is a Wordless Wednesday thing, and maybe I'll link this post to that.

But a couple words. First, what I didn't photograph... that would be the ping-pong ball sized hail that came down for about a half hour yesterday.

The second comment is that we were growing tomatoes and peppers this year. The tomatoes weren't doing fantastic, but the peppers were beautiful. We had at least a dozen good, big banana peppers on the plant pictured below, with another dozen baby ones. We had about 8 just about ready to pick jalepenos, with a couple dozen smaller ones. The plants were big, and beautiful, and thriving... even in our desert-like environment. The water in the background is our driveway. It looks much better than it did last night.

Here's one tomato plant, the best one, actually. Nothing left- no flowers, no buds, no baby tomatoes:

And a banana pepper. No baby peppers left. And the remaining peppers are in bad shape. I probably need to pick them today and salvage what I can:

And the jalepeno, which fared the best, with one baby pepper left, and the big ones left are still looking good:

I want to cry. At least we hadn't done the fall planting yet.

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