Monday, August 10, 2009

School Room Week

My school room. Oh, wow, I can't post pictures, but I will still participate in the Not Back to School Blog Hop sponsored by my3boybarians. Week 2 is School Room Week. Check out the other entries, they are far more interesting than mine.

I'll create an entry just to assure people that anyone really can homeschool.

We have a fairly small living room (14'x16' roughly) where we do the majority of our schoolwork and the majority of our awake life. We also do have a dining room table that is used for some seat work. The dining room contains plastic milk crate type boxes (2 stacks that are 3 high) where our current schoolwork is kept (meaning books we own that we are using NOW, and library books we might be starting next week). There are bookshelves in the rest of the house that store the not so current books.

The living room adjoins the kitchen. Starting at one end of the entrance to the kitchen is a chair where my oldest usually sits. Under that chair are some plastic boxes that contain colored pencils, notebooks, pens, etc. -- one box per child. Next to the chair is a rowing machine, then the freezer (no room for it in the kitchen. The freezer is where we tend to stack the schoolwork we plan to accomplish during the day, moving it back to the dining room milk crates as we get through it.

Up against the freezer is a couch and an end table. That would be where I would sit to have a child read to me, otherwise two-three kids occupy it. There is a bookshelf in the corner that houses DVDs, and another chair (the regular spot for son #2). Then comes BOB's place of honor, and a rocking chair which is usually occupied by son #3. There is a shelf in the other corner that houses printers and IGs, right next to my itty bitty computer desk. I have a fairly comfy office chair where I generally sit. Next is the television, which doesn't get any signal anymore, except through the VCR or DVD player. The white board leans up against the tv stand. It currently has the story of The Fall stick figured on it :)

Next to that is a small stand with a portable stereo. It's connected up so that we can use it to listen to anything we have in iTunes. Next to that is the CD rack, which sits next to the milk crates in the dining room, basically.

I know, pictures would help. A lot.

The dining room space is about 12'x8'. Basically, enough room for a dining room table. We do spelling there, and handwriting. And when we need to split the kids up a bit, we can usually get one or two people at the table working at the same time.


Dustine said...

Love your post. I think you just described our home!
Thanks for sharing

Kara said...

You do a great job of describing even without the pictures, Debra! Sounds like your setup is working well for you.

Robin E. said...

Yes, you did do a great job creating a word picture for us. Thanks for sharing on the Blog Hop.

Bobbi said...

Words came before pictures and yours tell me you have a cozy home with lots of learning going on. Thanks for sharing!