Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today's Doings

Okay, before I get into the craziness of today, I thought I'd post a couple of things.

First, we're working on Download N Go Whale Tales this week.  Wow!  I'll be writing more about it on Friday.  Next week, we'll be doing Davy Crockett.  Check the little ad on my right sidebar and enter their giveaway... not only a bunch of Download N Go stuff, but amazing things like Starbucks gift cards.  I wish I could enter, but alas, I'm not eligible.  Also, if you are making any purchases of Download N Go, use the code: DNG20PKS  for 20% off multi-pack purchases.  I'm seriously contemplating purchasing a make your own set of four:  Twisting Tornadoes, Ben Franklin, Expedition Mexico, and Pizza Party.  Doesn't that sound fun?  Anyone have experience with any of these?  Should I choose something else?

Second, have I raved about Connor's online Biology class lately?  Virtual Homeschool Group offers a few online courses, and he just LOVES the classes.  Great kids to interact with, fantastic organization of the materials, it has been an incredible experience.  He's almost halfway through, and is hoping to take Chemistry starting in the fall.  William is praying that they'll get General Science up and running, as he wants to take that.  And the price is right.

Third, God is amazing.  I was feeling very sorry for myself the last couple of days.  You know, seeing all the really cool things my kids should be able to be doing, but we just can't provide, and feeling guilty about not giving them the education they deserve, or the opportunities they deserve, all that stuff.  I was moping, to be quite honest, and was totally not walking the talk.  I say that God will provide as far as what my kids need and when... but there was that time period where I was no longer believing it.  And then... VideoText Module B arrived in the mail, compliments of a lady I don't even know, but a friend knew she was trying to find a good home for it and knew that I needed it, so it is mine (so William gets to start Module A... he begged to start today, I told him next week!).  And then... I won a $100 Amazon gift card.  I cried.  Even when I'm stuck in unbelief, God comes through... I spent $35 of it this morning purchasing something the kids don't necessarily NEED, but it sure will be nice... the mp3 CDs for Apologia Biology (for Connor) and for General Science (okay, yeah, William does need that).  The rest will sit with my Swagbucks gift cards until some serious decisions are made for the fall.

Fourth, today seems to be volunteer day -- Connor has his first day this summer volunteering at the bookmobile for the Summer Reading Program.  And all the boys and I are doing whatever they have us doing this time at Care & Share.  Daddy & Trina get some father-daughter time (you have to be 6 to volunteer, so she can't come yet).

So what do you have going on today?

Disclosure:  I was provided with Whale Tales and Davy Crockett from Litfuse and Download N Go.  No other compensation was provided, and all opinions are completely my own.
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