Monday, July 26, 2010

The Bible in 90 Days Challenge - week 4

Bible in 90 Days Challenge, post regarding days 15-21.  Here's last week's check in.  I'm changing the week # to match up with what they are using because I am getting confused.  And I'm only checking in with progress through yesterday.  Mondays are too crazy and I'll never check in if I wait until the kids are up and we get to listen.
  • Monday: Read Deuteronomy 9-26.  Poor Richard Dreyfus.  He does not get a break in this book (he's voicing Moses... and I'm pretty sure we haven't heard anyone else today.)  It was tough listening to some of the laws here.  It is just so hard to believe that people have to be commanded not to burn their children, you know?  And doubly hard to believe that after being commanded not to burn your babies, that you would then find anything appealing about those horrible Baal worshipers in Canaan, and end up joining them.  Anyway, we listened to extra today so we can have Saturday off.
  • Tuesday:  Read Deuteronomy 27-34.  Yikes, this was LONG.  The kids totally agreed with Ian on What's in the Bible -- death just isn't a great way to end a motivational speech.  I did let the kids watch What's in the Bible 3 after we got through Deuteronomy.  Seemed a good reward.
  • Wednesday: Read Joshua 1-18.  My kids loved the paragraph about the angel of the Lord coming to Joshua.  They were all clearly envisioning Larry the Cucumber falling down before the angel in Josh and the Big Wall.  Yeah, yeah, I allowed them to pull that DVD out to watch too.
  • Thursday:We finished Joshua.  Intended to do way more.  Everything conspired against us, including power outages.  Yuck.
  • Friday:  Okay, totally blew it.  I think that what I'm going to do is to listen to Judges myself today and tomorrow.  And I'll have the kids work through the Judges portion of a story Bible, which will take a lot less time.  Hmmm.
  • Saturday:Finished Judges.  The kids picked the wrong time to not be listening.  But we'll have fun hitting the highlights tomorrow.
  • Sunday: all we did was to catch the kids back up. 

So, that's my check-in for the week.  We're behind.  And the kids go camping again this coming weekend.  I'm not going to try to "catch up" exactly, but I'll figure something out so we don't lose more ground.  Go here to see what others are saying (I'll link to the actual check-in post tomorrow!)

Edited to add:  Okay, I added up how much time we have left, and we are NOT actually behind.  We're behind where the rest of the group is, but my plan was to go by time listened, not by pages in a Bible I don't own.  If we continue at 67 minutes per day, we will actually finish on day 87.

So I'm going to not worry about it this week.  We'll listen to probably something closer to 70 minutes a day M-Th, so we can listen to under an hour on Friday.  The kids will skip Saturday, and hopefully we'll get another near-hour listened to on Sunday.


Kara said...

We need to watch What's In the Bible 3 now! We've watched the first two, but I've been saving #3. LOL...I thought about Larry when reading Joshua too. :-)

Tess said...

I am so hopelessly behind in my 90 day challenge. I need a swift kick in the back side to get me re-motivated.

berrypatch said...

It sounds fun to do this in an auditory manner too. Oh & I picture Veggie Tale stories through out too. LOL

Elinette said...

Great job! That's wonderful that you took this challenge. Stopping by on the weekly blog walk.