Monday, September 6, 2010

The Bible in 90 Days Challenge - week 10

Bible in 90 Days Challenge, post regarding days 57-63.  Here's last week's check in.  Mondays are too crazy and I'll never check in if I wait until the kids are up and we get to listen.

We were traveling, and I did not keep very good track of what we did when.  Basically, we listened through Jeremiah this week though.  

It was really interesting, as we listened to The Single Shard on our trip.  Jeremiah talks so much about potters, and we all found it interesting to go back and forth between the story about this boy and the master potter, and Jeremiah talking about The Master Potter.

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Amy @ MomsTravelTales said...

Keep up the reading and listening! So glad you are on this 90 day adventure with me!!