Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A mish-mash of stuff

It's been insanely busy.  Again.  Still.  I've been sadly neglecting my blog.  So, it's time for another mish-mash post.
  • William and Thomas are taking part in Peak Reader, a literacy program in town.  I feel like a totally inept mother who can't even teach her kids to read.  <sigh>  But I'm forcing myself to deal with it and get them some outside accountability.  Thomas really hit it off with his tutor.  William was being contrary.  He started debating the existence of the Loch Ness Monster with her, and whether or not it is a dinosaur.  <sigh>  I hope tomorrow goes better.
  • We have a new roof.  It is amazing.  I love not worrying about rain.  I can't begin to tell you how much I love not worrying about rain.
  • I'm tired of stupid politics between people who are supposed to be adults.
  • The kids got a scholarship for swim lessons.  I cannot imagine what we'd do without this.  They really do need the lessons.  A couple of boys drowning here locally brought that fact home for me.
  • I have way too many books sitting around to be reviewed.  My review week last week was pretty much a failure.  I need to buckle down and get some things done.
  • I can't seem to settle into a routine for school this year.  
  • I'm seriously considering a homeschool enrichment program next year for the kids.  One that would give them a lot of things -- like a weekly technology class, and an art class, and some PE opportunities.
  • I also picked up information about 4-H.  It is very tempting to get all four boys signed up for that.  There's an informational meeting happening next week.  I think we are going to go.  And Trina could join next year.
  • We're loving the writing program that we are reviewing for the TOS Crew.  The Write Foundation.  I think I may have finally figured out exactly what I need for Connor *right now*.
  • I need to get some things DONE.  Complete, over, out of my way.
  • And I still cannot believe we are actually on track to finish the Bible in 90 days... or maybe 91 days.  We'll have to see.  This weekend for sure though.


Heidi said...

Great mish-mash post. I'm glad you finally got the new roof - what a relief! And I'm so with you on the whole political stuff - I've been very frustrated with some so-called adults lately too.

Heather said...

I hear you about neglecting the blog...and we are having a horrid time getting into a routine this year! I am so frustrated with about everything that I can't seem to get any momentum going. At least your kids are doing swimming and 4-h! I have yet to find Emma ballet and that was all she was doing this year. I'm glad to hear you roof is ready for Winter!! Also, curious about the Write Foundation-I had heard a couple of things...I just put mine on my desk and have not gotten at it again yet. I need to. Nick is our reluctant writer. Well, I challenge you to get a review done today! I have 4 I have to do yesterday....and Foundlings...

Debra said...

You two are great! and yeah, Heather... Foundlings. Gotta finish reading it so I can write a review.

Lauren in GA said...

so happy to hear the roof is done :o)