Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My 1000th post!

I cannot believe I've been blogging long enough to be up to 1000 posts!

I wanted to do something special for this, ummm, milestone.  But this week is so crazy.  So it is going to be a mish-mash of an update on things happening here.

  • My oldest three kids are doing their second week of science camp this summer.  It definitely keeps me busy, chasing back and forth to town every day.  Glad they are getting so much out of it.
  • We are finally (over a month later) able to move forward on fixing up the damage from the tornadoes in June.  Yuck.
  • Thomas had an amazing week of scout camp last week, and earned his Archaeology merit badge.  And TWO Eagle-required badges.
  • There are actual vegetables growing in my garden.  Not many, mind you.  But we may just harvest something this year.
  • We are having a complete blast reading about Ann with an E.  
  • I am planning to write up a post about how much Read Live has changed the lives of two of my boys.  I actually wanted that to be post 1000... but, alas, I just can't focus enough this week.
  • We picked up orthotics for Thomas last night.  And forgot to have him take them out of his shoes when we dropped him off at camp.  <sigh>  I am hoping he is okay today.  Ugh. 
  • I have a whole bunch of book reviews I want to get written, and now that I've posted this, I should be able to get myself to work on them.
  • We're sitting at a kids program at the library.  Love having some entertainment for Richard & Trina during this fairly long week.  Especially since we'll spend the afternoon at the DMV.

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Cristi said...

Congratulations on such a big blogging milestone!