Saturday, December 15, 2012

Book Review: Evolution Impossible

I had the chance to review the ebook version of Evolution Impossible by John Ashton.  This book is published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group.

Fantastic book.

Basically, this is a book detailing a dozen areas where the theory of evolution falls short.  I've read a lot of books that do similar things, but I really did like this one.

  • The writing is not overly technical, so it is fairly easy to comprehend.
  • The writing is not overly simplistic.  The reader is treated like someone intelligent enough to form their own conclusion, and like someone capable of being given a fair amount of information.
  • The chapters don't get into a lot of circular reasoning.
  • This book covers a lot of ground as far as science.  Earth science, biology, biochemistry, etc.
The publisher had this to say:
There is scientific evidence proving evolution cannot be responsible for life on Earth.
It is time to question what biology text books and nature documentaries claim about our origins. Even Darwin admitted, “I threw out queries, suggestions, wondering all the time over everything; and to my astonishment the ideas took like wildfire. People made a religion of them.”
Dr. John Ashton has dedicated 40+ years to teaching and researching science, and exposing the lack of proven evidence for Darwin’s theories. In Evolution Impossible, he uses discoveries in genetics, biochemistry, geology, radiometric dating, and other scientific disciplines to explain why the theory of evolution is a myth.
Discover for yourself:
  • Why the fossil record is evidence of extinction, not evolution
  • How erosion and sedimentation dates conflict with radiometric dating
  • How the lack of transitional fossils undermines evolutionary notions
  • Why living cells and new organisms do not rise by chance or random mutations
Regardless of your level of scientific education, you will finish this book able to cite 12 reasons why evolution cannot explain the origin of life.
I wish this book had come into my life earlier.  I was first exposed to the idea of a literal 6 day Creation roughly 6000 years ago in far more off-putting language.  A concise and well-articulated book like this would have given me a better introduction.

You can watch the book trailer here:

Disclaimer:   I received this ebook for free from New Leaf Publishing Group.  No other compensation was received.  The fact that I received a complimentary product does not guarantee a favorable review.   

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