Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bountiful Baskets: January 26

Other than a very, very, VERY, V-E-R-Y late truck today, Bountiful Baskets was wonderful.

Here is a photo of ONE of my baskets:

This arrangement is courtesy of William.  He made a point of it not being symmetrical.

All together, my three baskets contained:
  • 5 huge green peppers
  • 5 bunches celery
  • 12 yellow onions
  • 3 five-pound bags of potatoes, plus an extra 5 potatoes
  • 14 tomatoes
  • 3 watermelon
  • 23 bananas
  • 13 bartlett pears
  • 3 pineapples
  • 3 boxes strawberries
This is just another basket where it is really tough to tell you what I'm going to do with it all.  The fruit will all get eaten.  All of the veggies are staples, and they'll just get used.  Pretty boring, huh?

I can say that just last night, Dale suggested that we truly 'do' baked potatoes, since we have an oven that works.  So that is one thing that will happen -- I'll be baking potatoes.

Oh, and I swung through Safeway to price stuff out.  I just haven't felt like weighing what I got.  Just the price per unit stuff though (the 5 pound bag of potatoes, the watermelon, the pineapple, and the box of strawberries) came to $12.50 per basket.  I clearly got more than $2.50 worth of green peppers, celery, onions, extra potatoes, tomatoes, bananas and pears.

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