Friday, April 10, 2015

My Real Life Homeschool has Bright Spots Too

I had plans to write a bit more this week, but it has been just a crazy couple of months, and this week was at least as insane as all the others.

So I could talk about guilt.  That was one topic I planned for.  You know, because every time my kids struggle, I feel like I have totally failed them.  "If only I had..." comes up far too often in my thoughts.

Or I could talk about how long it has been since I've had serious one-on-one time with an adult.  Except that actually, I had a couple weeks of it recently with Dad.  Not quite the same, so be careful what you wish for. 

I could talk about all the things we are missing out on, like paid-for dual enrollment for Connor.  But that depresses me.  Because maybe I am failing him.

Or I could talk about how my job ends up getting me totally crazy busy doing things and I don't have the time to actually do school.  You know, another area where I'm failing.

But there is a completely different side of my Real Life Homeschool.

That is evident when I see my 14-year-old making a stop-motion film with his little brother.  Or when the 16-year-old is brushing his 9-year-old sister's hair.  Or the 17-year-old is making sure I realize that I've hurt the 14-year-old's feelings.

These guys interact in ways that matter to me.

My Real Life Homeschool also includes moments where I'm trying to get out of someplace, only I can't.  Because my kids are busy cleaning up, or putting away chairs, or otherwise being responsible, productive, helpful people.

Real Life Homeschool also includes moments where I have a teen explaining 4th dimension theory to me (not that he succeeds in making me understand it) and people who do understand the theoretical implications inform me that he does have a solid grasp of it.

Or the 11-year-old is having a casual conversation with adults, and they have to get him to define some of the vocabulary he is using.

So, I suppose, I can't be screwing everything up.

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