Monday, July 20, 2009

Exercise, exercise...

Okay, I have to be accountable to someone. So, I'll post on my blog and hopefully feel guilty if I don't continue to workout.

I'm in miserable shape, I don't fit into most of my clothing, and I'm just tired of it. What worked for me a few years ago was The Firm, so seeing as I have ignored those DVDs for so long (and never more than opened the Cardio Weights set), I'm dusting them off and getting busy.

I'm not tweaking. I opened the little booklet, and I'm following their advice, which is also listed out here. So this week, I have to do:

Monday: Hi-Def Sculpt (no weights) DONE
Tuesday: Cardio Party DONE
Wednesday: rest DONE
Thursday: Hi-Def Sculpt Express (weights for upper body only) DONE
Friday: Cardio Party DONE
Saturday: Hard Core Fusion Express (no weights) DONE
Sunday: Rest

I can do this, right?

Please, if the above list stays red and doesn't get marked DONE, yell at me, would you?

ETA: Tuesday: Obviously, the workout yesterday was tougher than I thought. I started feeling pretty sore late in the day. Not horrible, but definitely sore. I did not get through all of Cardio Party. It's split up into 5 different segments of about 8 minutes each. I did the first two, about 2 minutes of the 3rd one, and the stretching part of the last one. It didn't help that I had an audience of four (all but William). I will work up to the point of completing this workout, but I do not think this will ever be a favorite. Ugh, I hate "get funky" in a workout. I don't want to dance, I want to workout. (uhh, well, I don't want to do that either. I have to.) I may sub something else cardio for Cardio Party later in this rotation.

ETA: Thursday: the "upper body only" thing is weird... there is only one exercise in the entire video that uses weights for the lower body only. Whatever. Used 5 lb dumbbells. I like 25 minute workouts. :)

ETA: Friday: I did the first two sections again, maybe 30 seconds more of the third section than Tuesday. Decided I really dislike this segment, so I skipped ahead to do section 4. Did about a minute of section 5 before determining I was falling over my feet and needed to be done. Fast forwarded to the end and did the stretch. All total, I did about 30 minutes of the workout (which is 40 minutes, I think). I really don't like this workout. I don't want to do Latin dancing, I don't want to dance at all. I want to workout. Dale says I should sub a cardio I can stomach for the next three times this workout is scheduled. I do like Emily's ab section though (segment 2). I'll see what I think on Tuesday. My arms were a bit sore from yesterday's workout.

ETA: Saturday: I did it! I got through the week! Yay, me! :)

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