Friday, July 24, 2009

Reading Victories -- Enjoying the little things

In the continuing saga of my 10 year old struggling reader, I have to report on a couple of things here.

First, Thomas was playing some math game that lists out questions and you have to pick out the correct answer. He's past the point where the game reads the question to you, but he is very overwhelmed by the very small print and all the big, scary math words. Apparently, he's been playing with Connor nearby, so Connor can read him the questions. Well, Connor is in the middle of an assessment test for ALEKS (we are blessed to be reviewing ALEKS for the Review Crew now, YAY) and I told him not to interrupt.

And... here is the reason I'm writing...

William says, "Come here, Thomas. I'll read it to you."

I tried very hard not to fall out of my chair.

He has also been working at reading the Hank the Cowdog book, which is going better than it started. And his attitude about Explode the Code Online has improved drastically too. He's making progress. Too bad the subscription expires in about 3 weeks.

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