Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Guess what I'm doing in May?

I'm in desperate need of some homeschool encouragement.  I cannot attend my state homeschool conference in June.  I was hoping to go visit my parents and attend their state homeschool conference in a couple weeks, but that won't happen either.

So... last week, I saw an ad for the Schoolhouse Expo.  I even blogged about it.  I was all set to beg, borrow or seriously scrimp to be able to attend.  I planned to register this month, to save $5... because if you pre-register by March 31, it is only $19.99.

Less than twenty bucks gets you into a 3 day online homeschool conference presented by The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine and The Old Schoolhouse® Speakers Bureau.  Plus a couple of pre-events too, one featuring the Clarksons, who are wonderful.  Unfortunately, I'll be camping with the Boy Scouts that night.  

Your registration also includes over $300 in free gifts, and mp3's of the conference speakers.  I think that is my favorite thing about the online conferences -- that I can listen again.  With amazing speakers on the schedule like Andrew Pudewa, Susan Wise Bauer, and Diana Waring... well, I can't wait.

THEN, I found out that as part of the Homeschool Crew, I get to go for free, in return for blogging about it a couple of times.  I planned to do that anyway!

The Schoolhouse Expo isn't the only thing going on at TOS.

Right now March Madness and Win Big are going on in the Schoolhouse Store. During March Madness, over 240 items are 10 to 40 percent off! 
Click here to read the details.

Then, if you're customer 139,000, 139,500, or 140,000, you will win over $348 in prizes. Prizes include a 5 year subscription to TOS (U.S. only), Scripture Sleuth literature series, guitar lessons on CD, and more! Hurry, they are just past customer #137,818.

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Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

That is so awesome you get to go for free and blog about it as well.

Sounds like a great expo.