Friday, December 31, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday Challenge - the Final Check In

 Okay, so forever ago, I set the following five goals:
  • Daily:  I will move.  Every day.  Meaning something actually active.  Preferably outside.
  • Daily:  I will drink water.  More than just a sip or two after brushing my teeth (which right now, I confess, is all the WATER I get some many days).  I am not setting myself up to totally fail by committing to 8 8 oz glasses a day or anything, but I plan to be drinking a significant amount by the end of the year.  And NO MOUNTAIN DEW unless I am on a 1,000 mile road trip, or I have a migraine.  (I am NOT, however, giving up coffee.)
  • Daily:  My physical clutter is really wearing away at me on an emotional level.  So every weekday that I am actually home long enough to do anything (which is most days), I will do SOMETHING to declutter my world.  Starting with making sure the living room is picked up so I can workout inside (it's a bit lego-covered at the moment!)
  • Daily:  I will eat sensibly.  With two birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I'm not swearing off desserts or special foods.  But I am going to get back to eating the way I have in the past when I have successfully lost weight -- predominantly healthy, with planned "treats"including a day here or there that is PLANNED to be a bit more indulgent than normal.  I know I lose weight better when I have planned splurges.
  • And working out:  again, I am in pretty bad condition at the moment, so I'm trying not to prescribe just what this will look like.  But a minimum of every other day, I will do something that I consider to be a "work out" -- my hope is that by the end of the challenge, I'll be capable of some type of a three days of workouts, one day off type of a schedule, or even two on, one off... I'd love to get back to my FIRM videos, or to doing Couch Potato to 5K...  I want to be able to be hiking with my Boy Scouts without worrying that they are going to have a first aid victim...
  • Oh, and I WILL check in every Friday/Saturday.
How did I do?  Well....
  • I moved. Daily.  Frequently outside
  • I drastically increased my water consumption.  And I pretty much didn't drink Mountain Dew.  The couple that I had were 1) because of a migraine, and 2) one night coming home when I was really, really desperately in need of caffeine in order to get home.
  • Decluttering -- I did a pretty decent job of this too.  Maybe not quite every day I was home, but most.
  • I did eat sensibly.  I didn't go crazy.  No dessert on Thanksgiving even.
  • Working out... I blew this.  
  • Checking in... you know, the easiest thing on the list?  Blew this one too.
End result though is that I feel a lot better, my clothes are a lot looser, I'm no longer addicted to Mountain Dew, so it was a very good challenge.


SisterTipster said...

You did make great progress and this is awesome! You go girl! Happy New Year! Hugs!!

Mrs. White said...

I love your efforts!! I am thrilled you are no longer addicted to Mt. Dew. It is so hard to give up that soda!

You did a great job!!

Mrs. White

Lorus! said...

I call that PROGRESS!! That checking in on Fridays was tougher than I thought as well.

Laura O in AK said...

Debra, You definitely made significant progress. Kicking the sugared caffeine monster (refered to as liquid Satan in a diet book I read earlier this year) is a BIG accomplishment.

As for 'working out', if you are not in great shape, just getting up and moving about is a good first step. Also, I'm a believer in picking yourself up, dusting off perceived failure and trying again.

Michelle Smith said...

You did a wonderful job, Debra! Congratulations; you have made some real strides! :)

i cant decide said...

It looks like you started some great new habits! Good job. I look forward to reading about your continuing success.