Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just stuff

There is so much going on, and I just have not had time to blog about it at all.

First off, we did have a lovely Thanksgiving.  I woke up with a migraine, though, which made everything later than I wanted.  Fortunately, medication and some more sleep made it tolerable.  It was amazing how everything came together, though, for a fabulous meal.  With lots of leftovers.  And I made the weirdest looking gravy I think I have ever had.  Certainly the weirdest I've ever made.  But it was delicious!

We didn't go anywhere yesterday.  Not even down to the mailbox.  How pathetic is that? 

Today, I'll be out and about though.  Thomas & I get to go hiking in the cold.  Hopefully that will be fun.  He's also purchasing a birthday gift for his near-teen brother, so we'll see the inside of at least one store.

I was hoping to take a box of clothing to Once Upon a Child... but with feeling pretty shaky the last few days, I just have not done anything about that.  Maybe next weekend.

We've been hitting Crossfire Ministries a bunch lately, and we've been so totally blessed to find three pairs of pants in great shape that fit one or the other of the two big guys. Along with a few nice shirts, and a scuffed (but solid) pair of boots for William.  I think we're back to everyone having at least one pair of pants they can wear in public... and most of them have two. 

Even when I'm shopping in real stores, I have a hard time.  Connor needs something like a 26x32.  Never, ever have I seen those.  I snap up 28x32s and even 29x32s.  His belt gets a lot of use! Anyway, given his size, finding two pairs of pants for him at a thrift store... that is simply amazing.

I could chat some more, but I think I need to get some kids moving sometime today.  

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