Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bountiful Baskets: September 29

Picked up my Bountiful Baskets this morning.  Got two baskets, plus a box of tomatoes and a tortilla pack.  Lots of greens. 


Here is one basket:

Told you there were lots of greens.

This basket contained:
  • Two heads of leaf lettuce
  • Two bunches of spinach
  • Two bunches of collard greens (?)
  • A couple heads of broccoli
  • One avocado
  • Four bananas
  • Two honeydew melons
  • One box of strawberries
  • Two red pears
  • Four apples
The other box was identical, except it contained one melon.

So yeah, do the math.  LOTS of greens.  Four heads of leaf lettuce. Four bunches of spinach.  Four bunches of collard greens.

I cannot begin to tell you how overwhelmed I'm feeling with all the green leafy stuff.

The fruit, that will all get eaten.  Easily.

Broccoli, well, I'm getting a bit tired of broccoli, but I'll freeze most of this.

Avocados, well, I'm finding ways to slip them in here and there.

And I donated two of the bunches of collard greens to the food pantry at the church this morning on my way home.  I'll figure out something to do with the other two bunches.  I think.

Spinach is easy.  I use fresh spinach in all kinds of things.

Lettuce, well, four heads is overwhelming, but we ought to get through it.

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KR said...

Your basket looks pretty close to mine, though I think your greens were multiplied a bit. I only got 2 bunches of spinach in one basket, and 1 bunch of collards. Only one head of lettuce too. Still tons of greens though!! We're not big salad eaters (usually once to twice per week) so we're trying to be creative. I'd love to hear what you do with all your greens.