Friday, September 14, 2012

Curriculum Choices, Let's try THAT again

So, six or seven weeks ago, I confidently posted about what we were going to be doing for school this year.  Because, well, you know... I had it all planned out.

Okay, not ALL planned out.  There was a hole or two there, that I confessed to.  Hadn't yet decided on science for anyone besides Connor, for instance.

We got started, more or less, on our planned school year.  And... ummm....  Let's just say I've revised a huge chunk of what we are doing for school.  Argh.

So, to help me keep track of what is going on, I present our "let's try that again" curriculum plans.

High School: Connor is starting 10th grade, and we have a bit of a math/science focus.
  • Math -- he is finishing up MyMathLab Algebra 2, and we simply have no idea what he'll do next. 
  • Science -- Chemistry, using DIVE and Apologia's chemistry materials. He'll take the AP exam in May.
  • English -- he is using Lightning Literature.  British Christian Authors.  He'll use another Lightning Lit program for the second semester of 10th grade, but he hasn't quite decided which.  He is also using the Student Intensive Continuation Course from IEW. 
  • History -- he is finishing up TruthQuest Renaissance and Reformation for 9th grade, and then will move into TruthQuest Age of Revolution 1.
  • Economics -- he'll be using Sonlight's economics package, and probably taking CLEP tests for both micro- and macro-economics throughout this year.
  • Spanish -- he is using some things we have around at the moment, including Mango through the library, and we plan to get him started using Homeschool Spanish Academy later this fall.
  • Plus, he's working on things like music history/appreciation, art history, home ec, and PE.  And he hopes to pull together a robotics 1/2 credit course this year.  And finish up a computer programming credit or two.
Middle School:  William is in 8th grade, Thomas is in 6th.  They do a bunch of things together, but not everything.
  • Well, they both need to continue working on reading.  At least through December, they are using Read Live, an online program from Read Naturally that has literally changed their lives.  I'm not sure what we'll do in January, as I am quite sure they will continue to need some focused work.
  • In addition, they are using Lightning Literature's 7th Grade program.  I'm loving that. We are only doing one writing assignment for each book, as I want them to have time to work on IEW's Student Writing Intensive B.  We had tried this a couple years ago (with easier paragraphs for Thomas) but they just weren't ready for it.
  • William will be working through Teaching the Classics at some point this year.  Everyone uses the Lit studies that Adam Andrews provides through
  • They are working with Math U See, quickly working through material they mostly know, but need a bit more "why" and a bit more practice.  
  • In history, we'll be doing Truthquest Middle Ages.  We're also using unit studies from Homeschool Legacy.  I never ever ever ever thought I'd say we were using a unit study seriously.
  • Science is an area where they split.  William will be working with Apologia Physical Science, using Apologia's new Student Notebook, which is supposed to be available in the next couple of weeks.  He also makes extensive use of the mp3 recording.  I think this is going to be just perfect for him.  I'll talk about Thomas in the elementary school section.
  • And then there are a variety of extra things too.  For one, we are using Spanish for You.  Plus PE using Family Time Fitness.  William will be doing a pretty extensive nutrition/cooking class. 

Elementary School:  Richard is in 3rd grade, Trina is in 1st
  • Richard and Trina are both using Math U See as their primary math curriculum.  They also do a variety of additional things, mostly review products, to stretch skills in different areas.  Richard is using IXL.  Both are using the free membership at ZooWhiz.  We also utilize SplashMath apps on the iPod Touch.
  • We pulled Primary Arts of Language (PAL) out again and work with both of them with that.  Richard will mostly do the writing aspect.  This is our language arts focus.  Richard is currently using Reading Kingdom.  Both of them are using Samson's Classroom, another online program. 
  • Science: Thomas will join them, and we are working through Apologia Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures.  
  • Otherwise, we're using Truthquest for history (the American History 1), doing some Spanish with Speekee, and getting back to using Kinderbach.  And they do a whole lot with their brothers.

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