Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bountiful Baskets: December 21

The last Bountiful Baskets of the year.  Oh, I am SO excited.  I love BB, really, I do.  But two weeks off?  Yeah, baby.

It was a good basket today.  Here is what one of my baskets looked like:

My two baskets contained:
  • Three bunches of broccoli (roughly 3 stems per bunch)
  • Seven ears of corn
  • Five English cucumbers
  • Three heads of Romaine lettuce
  • Three "bunches" of green onion bulbs (3 bulbs per bunch)
  • Four yellow squash
  • Five big yams
  • Eleven bananas
  • Three packages of blackberries
  • Two packages of red grapes
  • Eight oranges
  • Three pomegranates
As for how we'll use this, well:
  • I gave away a bunch
  • We're going to have corn on the cob tonight
  • I'm seriously considering making blackberry syrup that we can have on waffles on Christmas.
  • I'd love to come up with something similar with the pomegranates, but maybe we'll just do some Pom-Apple Crisp and eat a bunch fresh.
  • Broccoli is going to need some thought because we already had a lot here.  Lunches this week are going to include broccoli every single day.  Except Christmas, since Dale won't eat broccoli.
  • Everything else (fruit, lettuce, onions, yams) will just be used.

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