Thursday, December 18, 2008

Panic about High School

So, last night I accompanied my eldest to a Boy Scout thing, which was held at a charter school in town. I hadn't really heard of this school before, and wow! I left there fighting the notion that this is where Connor is supposed to be.
After I got home, I started researching it a bit online. That only made me more certain that we do need to seriously think about this. Scary. From the beginning, I have assumed that we would be homeschooling all the way to graduation. After last night, I'm not so sure.
Now, the frustrating part is that this research really screamed out at me that my 6th grader is not prepared for junior high level writing at the moment, and if we continue on our present course, he won't be ready for high school level work when he gets there either. He & I have been perusing the various writing curricula we have pieces of, and investigating things online.
How does one make a decision like this???
I feel reasonably comfortable about other subject areas, but this one, well, I need to spend some time figuring that out.

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