Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Day in the Life - again

I'm posting another entry this week to take part in the Not Back to School Blog Hop sponsored by my3boybarians. Week 4 isDay in the Life week. Monday I had this to say.

Yesterday wasn't exactly normal either, but it was also quite different from Monday. So here goes.

The kids were up very early. Connor had his first day of Latin 100 through Lone Pine Classical, and he needed to get his posters printed out for that. While he was in class (8:20-9:35), William and Thomas worked a bit with ALEKS, but mostly they kept the little two quiet and out of Connor's hair.

After Latin, Connor checked out the homework assignment for Thursday's Latin class, and then he did some ALEKS. We spent 20 minutes cleaning the living room, kitchen, entry, and dining room (everyone over the age of 6 was assigned a room, everyone under six was assigned to "help" someone.) As a group, we read a couple articles from Nature Friend, and about a half chapter from our Nutrition text -- about healthy fats. Somewhere in there I read a Sonlight P3/4 story or two... not that I can remember what they were, but I remember doing it.

Individually, Connor finished up some things with the High School Planning I blogged about yesterday and did some Physical Science. William read to me while I was getting bread started, and Thomas & I sat down to do First Language Lessons and Ordinary Parents' Guide to Teaching Reading. Trina and Richard were playing Tornado. Or Trina was online playing JumpStart World.

Thomas put some time in the Explode the Code workbook, and I got William going on some math. When he headed over to make lunch, I got a phone call from a distraught friend. While on the phone with her, I directed Connor to take another section of his practice SAT, and had William work on Explode the Code Online.

While still on the phone, my husband came home. I had no idea he was taking off early! That threw us all completely off. So, we adjusted plans quite a bit. We did work on our writing assignment for the day, which had the boys each coming up with descriptive adjectives, adverbs and verbs to use in describing an object they had decided to write about, but we skipped pretty much everything else.

Connor & Dale watched another segment of the ham radio video, and took the practice tests.

Stuff we didn't do: our podcasts. Not much in read-alouds (but at least some!). We didn't exactly do Bible either. We did not work in our lapbooks, or do spelling. And a few other random things too.

Not an all bad day though.

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