Friday, July 25, 2014

My Me-Time Week

I know the whole idea of "me-time" is pretty controversial in certain circles.

Personally, I think extremes are bad.  People -- okay, let's be honest, Moms is who we are talking about here -- who are constantly doing whatever because they "need time alone" and they are never spending real time with their kids?  Not so good.

People -- I mean, Moms -- who never do anything by themselves at all?  Not so good either.

I'm far more of a middle-of-the-road person.  I spend lots of time with my kids.  I love 'em.  Really.  Most of the time I like them too. 

This past week, though, I had the chance to have this for a view:

And I took it. 

Dale had meetings for most of the day and evening, and I sat in a nice, air-conditioned hotel room with *that* as my view.  By myself.  With a stack of books, some stuff I could soak my feet with, a whole bag of cherries and a container of blueberries.

And no children. 

It was heavenly.  I could soak my feet and not worry about anyone else.  I could grab 4-5 cherries and not have anyone ask if they could have some too.  I could read my book and not think about making lunch, checking the mail, or brushing someone's hair.

I was away for three days.  I came home with a much better attitude about everything.

Sometimes, you need to take advantage of opportunities like that.

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