Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kim Collingsworth Majestic {a Family Christian Bloggers review and giveaway}

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I love watching live music, I love wholesome family music, and I love having the convenience of a DVD.  So the opportunity to review the  Kim Collingsworth: Majestic on DVD was something I jumped at.  Family Christian Stores provided me with this DVD and the one I'm giving away.

First things first.  I had never heard of Kim Collingsworth or her family.  I saw the cover though, with a beautiful grand piano and lots of different people singing, and I just wanted to try it out.

I'm listening to Swing Low, Sweet Chariot as I type this, and I have to say that the music is simply beautiful.  There is a fair amount of variety, and I thought about trying to explain the songs and the styles, but the easiest explanation is that there is some distinctly Christian music, some that isn't (Stars and Stripes Forever).  There is some instrumental (one piano, multiple pianos, violin and piano), and plenty that involves voices.  Most of that is adults, but the nieces singing Over the Rainbow is adorable.  And then there is some with the audience singing, and that is beautiful too.

I do have to say that my husband really did not like it.  He enjoyed the music part, but he has never been a huge fan of recorded live music in general.  So anytime Kim was interacting with the audience at all, he was griping.  He complained that he really had no desire to watch her talk, he wanted music.  After the first viewing of this DVD, I was convinced that over half of it was Kim talking, based on his negativity.

Of course, when I watched the DVD without him, I had a different opinion.  Yes, there are points where Kim talks awhile, like telling the story of her blind nephew (that's a few minutes long), but without him griping at me, it was obvious that the DVD is mostly music, and very pretty music at that.

I'm enjoying having it to watch/listen to when there isn't other stuff happening.  At least when my husband isn't around.

This is also available as a CD, which I think would be wonderful.

I have a DVD to give away.  Do you want to win one?

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Buzz4Mommies said...

I love live music performances, it is always so much better! I haven't heard of this family but it sounds terrific!

Kym said...

I've heard the Collingsworths a couple times, and they have played at my church. So I've met them and they are super-nice people too. And Kim is so gifted!

Debra said...

Kym, I think having some experience with them before would make this DVD even better!

Heidi -- you'd probably like this as much as I did then.

Unknown said...

I have never heard Collingsworth family,I do enjoy live music performances and that is why I am interested in this DVD I would love to add to my DVD's

Lynn @ TDHGP said...

I've never even heard of them but my piano player would love watching and listening.