Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What should I blog about?

I keep having posts swirling around in my head, but I don't seem to get them ever written up.  So some of the things I'm thinking about:
  • I'd love to start blogging about some of the stuff Trina is doing with American Heritage Girls.  She is keeping busy, and we have been incorporating a lot of it into our schooling.  I'm not sure if anyone would be interested though.
  • One image of what Trina's been up to with AHG
  • I've failed at reading aloud this year.  A trip, illnesses, whatever excuses I can come up with.  I'm debating blogging about what we are reading aloud as a motivation to actually do it.
  • I've been thinking about blogging about some of the food we're eating.  We don't spend much on groceries, especially lately, and I do get people asking me just what we DO eat.  I'm not very good at food pictures, so I'm just afraid to stretch into that.  (Honesty, here.  I do try to keep to honesty.)  Plus, our food is pretty boring.
  • As part of my Crew responsibilities, I'm constantly trying out new stuff that I don't end up using long enough to write a review, or I'm not needed for a review, or it isn't really age appropriate for my kids... and I also keep thinking that it might be fun to write up some impressions on some of those products.  
Foreign Language for Kids by Kids is one program we're doing right now
Of course, I have lots of other random thoughts too, about things I ought to write about.  I think mostly I need to just get back in the habit of blogging regularly.

What do you think?

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Lynn @ TDHGP said...

I totally get this. I wrote a similar post a month ago (?) maybe. I need to re-visit that and see what I've actually written about that was on my list of stuff to share.

It's tough to sit and write all that I think of -- or maybe it's easy, but I'm lazy. Hmmm . . .

I like all of your ideas for posts. If you start posting your read-alouds maybe it'll inspire me to start reading aloud again. We so enjoyed that when we were going through MFW. I need to start it again!