Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I'm no domestic goddess

My son has been off at college for nearly two months now. I had the opportunity to send him a care package a couple weeks back, and I just couldn't get things together enough to do that. 

But a neighbor is heading that way today, so I did get a box together.  Gave it to her Sunday.  Filled with little things like, oh, his new glasses. Those might come in handy. And I should have just mailed them three weeks ago when I picked them up. Or sent them last time she was headed that way. 

But I can't get anything right. 

So this time, I decided, I'm going to do it right. I even baked cookies. 

As you can see, that was a roaring success. 

I can't even bake cookies. 

My kids have made it clear (well, not quite all of them) in various ways this week that I'm doing a pretty lousy job of this whole mom thing. The cookies were just the visible warning to me of what this week would be like.  I should have headed to bed and not gotten up until next weekend, as it went downhill from there.  And it is only Tuesday.

I told one child yesterday, after he said a whole lot of not too nice things about my failings, that I think one of the absolute worst parts of homeschooling is that we spend so much time together. If the kids were off in school all day, I could better hide my faults from them. I mean, obviously, they'd still figure out I'm not perfect, but they wouldn't be able to -- at a moment's notice -- put together a brilliant Roman numeral style outline, complete with supporting details for each flaw/point, of the top ten ways I suck as a mom. 

That hurts. 

I have never wanted my kids to think I'm perfect. So I guess I succeeded in something.

This parenting gig, and this homeschooling gig -- it isn't all sunshine and roses. 


grtlyblesd said...

I have made those same cookies. Solidarity, mama. We're all not perfect together.

Debra said...

I love you, Shecki! :D

(And apparently they tasted okay)