Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Joining 4-H

I am shocked to find myself posting this, but we ended up adding something else to our schedule this year.  We've looked at 4-H a few times over the years, but I always had such a tough time figuring out things like when and where clubs near us met, or just what exactly we would be doing if we joined.

Well, this year is the year for it.

I now only have three kids who are eligible.  All three are participating in Shooting Sports.  Dale took them to their first shooting opportunity.  Richard fell in love with the muzzleloading portion.  Thomas and Trina had a great time as well.

Thomas is going to be working on filmmaking as his second project.  Trina is going to be doing clothing construction.  Richard?  Still not sure.  I don't want to take on any livestock projects this year, but otherwise, pretty much anything is a possibility.

Tell me I'm crazy, or make a suggestion as to what Richard ought to do.

I think it is going to be a great year.

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grtlyblesd said...

Photography? Woodworking? Bird watching?

We used to have a 4H group made exclusively of homeschoolers, many years ago, when we lived in Santa Rosa. I think Annaliese took quilting. She and Zach (now 22 and 26) were the only ones old enough to join.