Saturday, June 1, 2019

Use it Up! An update

I failed.

The goal I set about two weeks ago was to use up all the truly old cans in my pantry.

This is what it looked like after I completed my sorting of stuff.

That is quite a bit of food.  And I made serious progress, because this is what it looks like on June 1:

I clearly am not all that excited about the two desserts.

I already said I'm not excited about the squid.

I think I'm going to:
  1. Have the French Onion Soup as lunch for me one of these days when the rest of the family eats Dale's chili.  I even bought some provolone cheese to go on it.
  2. Maybe suggest Dale use the chipotles into his chili?
  3. Clam Chowder still sounds good.  Or maybe some linguini?
  4. Gravy?  Umm.  Just heat it up and offer it with mashed potatoes?  
  5. Suck it up and make the desserts.  
  6. I'm giving Dale until the end of the week to use that squid.  It becomes chicken food after that.

Sometime this week, I'm pulling all the cans marked 2018 off my shelf and starting this challenge again.  I might even post about that, mostly to force me into actually doing it.


Annette said...

I would have long since turned that can of squid into cat food! :) I don't know if I would know what to do with it either.

The dessert don't look that bad... as long as nothing contains a milk product they should be fine...

You mentioned on the 2018...that makes me wonder just how old these cans are. :)

Debra said...

The cans pictured here are primarily 2017.

I use the dates that we are given at the food pantry -- for most stuff, we can distribute it at the pantry with dates as old as five years ago. Big exceptions are baby food, milk types of stuff, and high acid like tomatoes.