Monday, December 14, 2009

BlogFrog Holiday Challenge

BlogFrog.  It's something I joined fairly recently, and I am having a bit of fun with it.  You can see stuff about it down on the left side of my blog -- most recent discussions, people who have been visiting my blog, etc.

Right now, they are doing a promotion.  For every "community" that gets 20 new participants during the remainder of 2009 (that means someone who posts a comment or starts a discussion on my community page), BlogFrog will donate $10 to The Children's Hospital.  Each of those communities also is entered into a drawing for a $100 Target gift card.

So -- hop on over to my community here.  Post a comment.  Start a new conversation.  Help me to help the Children's Hospital.

1 comment:

Lori B. said...

Hi Debra. Just wanted to say I enjoy your blog. Have a great Christmas!!!!