Saturday, December 12, 2009

Scouting Saturday: My New Bear

Okay, so this actually happened at the end of November, but I'm just slow.

Three of the boys in our Bear den -- Joshua, Charlie, and Thomas -- were awarded their Bear badge.  I got lousy pictures, sorry...

Thomas has been steadily plugging away at the Bear requirements, which has included things like:
  • Ways we worship
  • What makes America special
  • Take care of your planet
  • Law enforcement is a big job
  • What's cooking?
  • Family fun
  • Be ready
  • Family Outdoor Adventures
  • Saving Well, Spending Well
  • Ride Right
  • Sawdust and nails
  • Build a model
  • Be a leader
Isn't that a great list?  Wow... I'm reminded again of how much I love the Bear rank.

At the same time, Thomas also received a couple arrow points for completing electives.  Those are some pretty cool activities too.  Here's another lousy picture of that:

I'm very proud of all your hard work, buddy.

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1 comment:

Michelle said...

Congratulations! I am sure that your son has many more great adventures in scouting ahead of him! Treasure these moments and remember to take lots of photos for that eventual court of honor! We had our own pack meeting last night and I hope to get something up on my blog before the week is out.