Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Optical blessings

It's been a great day.  My two oldest kids had appointments at the eye doctor.  Connor desperately needs new glasses, and I was quite panicked about how we'd end up paying for them.  And William hasn't been to the eye doctor since his vision therapy.

Well -- Connor's prescription has barely changed, so the first blessing is that his vision appears to actually be fairly stable.

And -- our vision coverage must have changed, as his glasses cost us cost about 20% of what I remember paying last time.  Hallelujah!  We have enough money in our Health Flex account for 2009 to cover that, so that is blessing #2.

Blessing #3 is related... because this cost as little as it did, the rest of us have an eye appointment scheduled next week and we don't have to wait until January.

Blessing #4 is that William has definitely maintained some serious improvement in his ability to maintain focus, and his ability to go back and forth from far to near.  He & I did get homework though, and we need to spend 15 minutes once or twice a week working on some things at home.

What a great day!  I'll get a picture of Connor in his new glasses next week after we get them.

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