Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This and That, Thanksgiving Version

Time for another mish-mash post.  Because there are a million ideas swirling in my head about posts I should make.  So, briefly --
  • I ought to post about my experience of going grocery shopping with $3.15 on a debit card... No, I didn't keep my purchases under that, but it didn't even take a quarter more. Stuffing, eggs, cheese and creamer. I would have skipped the creamer, but it was free...  I love being able to "do" Thanksgiving and am so grateful I did get to go shopping!
  • I have not yet dared to brave the veggie section of the cupboards to see if we have any cans of sweet potatoes. I am trying to convince myself that Thanksgiving will still be Thanksgiving, with or without sweet potatoes. I'm not succeeding very well. Cranberries and sweet potatoes.  Those are my two essentials. Everything else I can live without. It was really hard to shop on Monday and not buy sweet potatoes.
  • My kids, however, vote cranberries and stuffing. They are covered.  
  • Dale probably votes mashed potatoes and stuffing. I didn't ask him, I'm just guessing. If so, he's covered too. He'd probably be upset if we went without turkey, but we have that too.
  • I have meant to post about William making First Class earlier this month. Consider this to be an announcement. I'll post something nice about it when I get my mom's pin at the Court of Honor... I'll also get my mom's pin for him making Second Class a couple months back.
  • The kids are voting on what to do with their popcorn prizes -- we allocated the popcorn sales among them so that they earned two $10 Wal-mart gift cards. I'm thinking that using it to help those less fortunate this Christmas is going to win out. Now, do we just donate the cards, or do we actually go shopping and pick stuff out? Decisions, decisions, decisions...
  • I have a lot of amazing books on my "upcoming reviews" sidebar right now. I'm having so much fun with these! I am so blessed to get the chance to write about such amazing stuff.
  • On that note, I just was notified about another Blog Tour. I really hope I get this one. It's a North Dakota author, taking place in rural North Dakota. Oh, I really hope to get this one (or did I mention that already?) 
  • Everyone in the house seems to be fighting something off. Everyone is sleeping in, or going to bed early. I sure hope we can stay healthy.
  • I alluded to this in my traditions post, but we are planning to get back to the Polish-themed Christmas Eve meals we used to do. You know, before kids.  Stuffed mushrooms, fish, potatoes, mushroom pierogies... I think I remember how to make pierogies...
  • Standardized tests. I hate them.  I'm feeling terribly incompetent as a teacher.  I know my children all know to capitalize the word "i" -- so why do they mark it as "no errors"?  <sigh>
  • I ought to just look and see if we have sweet potatoes.  If we do, I would be able to stop throwing that particular little pity party.
I'll close it off here.  Happy Thanksgiving to all...


Michelle Smith said...

May your family have a truly blessed Thanksgiving--with or without the sweet potatoes (yet I'm secretly hoping you have some sweet potatoes in the pantry--or a friend or neighbor will give you some!) I like sweet potatoes, too. :)

aliveinspirit said...

I would love to know how you did the shopping on only $3.15. I was fortunate enough yesterday for someone to leave a box of food at church and that one of our pastors called us and asked if we could use it.

Jen U. said...

I hope your Thanksgiving is very blessed and that no one misses those sweet potatoes or you get some. I love your polish Christmas Eve dinner idea!

Debra said...

I was actually doing pretty okay with the fact that we didn't have any canned sweet potatoes (yeah, we finally looked!) but in talking it over, I remembered that I have a bag of frozen sweet potatoes! I know I have it because I couldn't figure out how to cook them. :)

So, off to do some internet searching. Am thinking I'll steam 'em and mash 'em, and then bake them. What I tried with the other bag was baking them, and they were inedible... which is why I've never used the second bag.