Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010: A Year in Blogging

I thought this might be fun.  Tracy at Work of HeArt and Soul suggested posting the title or first sentence of the first blog post of each month of 2010.  I, of course, had to tweak that... so I am posting the title and (usually) the first paragraph-ish.  Found it interesting... lots of book reviews (4), which didn't really surprise me.

Tracy also suggested photos.  I don't post that many... but maybe I can get a couple in there.  Anyway, here it goes.  Links and all.  Happy New Year to All!

January:  2010 School Plans -- Language Arts 
So this is the planning segment I've been dreading.  Because I don't know what exactly we are going to do. 

February:  Getting Warmer 
You know those days?  All bundled up, wearing a sweater under my bathrobe.  A pair of slipper socks under my slippers.  And spending the morning in bed (yeah, with all that clothes on) with my two nice warm quilts.

March: Book Review: 66 Love Letters 
My take?  I decided to read this book as was suggested in the opening chapter -- alongside my regular Bible reading.  So this is more like reading a preview of the real thing, then reading the actual Bible text.  That means that I am writing up this review without having read the entire book.

April:  Any Colorado Bloggers want to join this Blog hop?
My last post, A Day in the Life, was part of the CHEER Carnival.  Ann says she'll still add people in for the next week or so if they want to participate.  Check it out!  I haven't looked at the other blogs yet.  Hopefully later today.  I love finding other Colorado homeschooling bloggers.

May:  Scouting Saturday: Video Games, Boy Scouts and the Media
What spurred me to write this post is all the uproar about a new Cub Scout award -- a totally, completely optional award -- for video games.  News stories like this one at Fox News, are inaccurate and misleading, and it really makes me mad.

June:  Today's Doings
Okay, before I get into the craziness of today, I thought I'd post a couple of things.

July:  Chick-fil-A Reading Challenge-- an update
Okay, so way back when (uhhh, January!) I posted that we were going to read the books featured in this year's Chick-fil-A calendar.  And you haven't seen me post about it since then.

August:  Book Review: Beyond Opinion
I don't know what I was thinking when I requested to review Beyond Opinion: Living the Faith We Defend by Ravi Zacharias.  What I wanted was an easy read that would make me think.  This isn't it.  What I probably needed, though, was something that would really make me stop and mull things over.  So maybe requesting this was the right thing.

September:  Fantastic Deal on The Old Schoolhouse Magazine 
I posted on Saturday about how I was hanging out by myself for the day.  One of the things I did was to grab my spring issue of The Old Schoolhouse, which for some crazy reason has been hanging out unopened in my computer bag.

October:  Book Review: The Foundlings
As part of the TOS Homeschool Review Crew, I got another chance to learn about a company I had never heard of.  This company is Zoe and Sozo Publishing, the author is Matthew Christian Harding.  He has a fascinating testimony, and is currently a homeschooling father of four.

November:  We have a winner! What's in the Bible #4
Went on over to this morning to select a winner for What's in the Bible.

December:  Book Review: On This Day in Christian History

As part of the Booksneeze program, I had the opportunity to review On This Day in Christian History by Robert J. Morgan.  What a great book!

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