Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reading Aloud Challenge: May 12

I am SO busy this week!  I did do a bunch of reading aloud, but I simply do not have a lot of time to post.  So no deep thoughts from me this week, just a list...

Attack at the Arena (AIO 
Imagination Station Books)William continues to read Attack at the Arena out loud to me.  This is going way slower than it ought to, because we are not being remotely consistent.  We are nearly done though, so look for a review soon.  I love a "boy appeal" book from a Christian publisher.  Love it. 

As long as I'm counting the kids reading real books aloud to me, Thomas is reading Robinson Crusoe to me from my Nook.  This is the version from Christian Liberty Press, and I can't seem to find it to grab a picture.

Black Horses for the King 
(Magic Carpet Books)William and Thomas are continuing to listen to Black Horses for the King.  We were supposed to be done by now.  :(

The Thieves of Ostia (The 
Roman Mysteries)
We're finished up The Thieves of Ostia.  This would be the first book in a series. Book #2 was checked out from the library on Saturday, but we haven't begun it.

The Sherwood RingI read The Sherwood Ring aloud to the older three.  It was intended for Connor, but everyone got into it.  What a fun book!  The action switches back and forth between "now" and the American Revolution.  Fabulous.

We also continue to read aloud various history, science, and Bible selections.  

So -- plans for the week ahead.  Finish Black Horses, read Dr. Jenner and the Speckled Monster to Connor, and keep the little two inside long enough to actually read to them again.

How did your week go?  Sign the linky and I'll definitely come visit your post.  This weekend, most likely!  Love having you here...

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Tess said...

I feel like such a slacker this week. But I did post about the two books we barely started. Now if I could just read the ones we haven't been reading!

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Looks like a great list! I read out loud to the kiddos but didn't post it. We read Stewart Little then we watched the movie. We were not impressed with the ending of the book. Sad since we loved Charlotte's Web.

Debra said...

Bummer about Stuart Little! You know, I'm not sure I have ever read that book to my kids. I know I read it when I was a kid, but I totally don't remember anything about how it ends... Hmm....

thanks for commenting!!