Thursday, June 2, 2011

Reading Aloud Challenge: June 2

Welcome to June!

As promised, we have not done much reading aloud this week.  We're on vacation... and while in the coming week, we'll be listening to a whole lot of audiobooks (that I *am* going to count, and post about!), this week has been pretty thin.

Mary Jones And Her Bible
Connor and I finished Mary Jones and Her Bible.  We weren't quite halfway through last check-in, and we did get it done.  Lots of Welsh place names that are difficult to pronounce.  This is never going to make an all-time-favorites list for either of us, but it was a good book.  Like I stated last week, it is sobering to think about a time or a place where obtaining a Bible is such a challenge.  Mary worked hard and saved for six years... and then walked 50 miles round trip in the HOPE that there would be a Bible available to purchase.  Connor and I talked a bit about how far of a hike that would be.  And here we are, reading a free ESV Bible on my Nook, or one of a few dozen free versions in my YouVersion app on my iTouch...  interesting perspective on it all...  

So -- plans for the week ahead. We've got Anna and the King of Siam and Nory Ryan's Song on audio to listen to when we travel.  We should be getting The Big Wave from the library today so I can start that for William and Thomas.

How did your week go?  Sign the linky and I'll definitely come visit your post.  Probably not until early next week though!  Love having you here...

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Cristi said...

My blog entry was short and sweet this week. I really appreciate the encouragement to keep reading aloud, though.