Sunday, June 19, 2011

Scout Camp

Okay, so I dropped William off today to go to Scout Camp for a week.  Alone.  I am trying very, very hard to deal with that.  Fortunately one of the adults camping all week is someone who knows and loves my kid...  He's going to be fine.  I know he is.  I can't wait to blog next week about how wonderful of a time he had.

This is the first time since becoming a Boy Scout that Connor isn't going to summer camp.  But decisions had to be made.  So instead of going to camp, Connor is hosting his own merit badge college week.  We'll see... 

The plan is for him to finish up Emergency Preparedness (which shouldn't take long!) and otherwise, he is going to focus on some badges he really hasn't done much with.

  • Citizenship in the Community-- he's done a couple things for this one like attend a school board meeting and a bunch of service hours.  But there is a lot left.
  • Personal Management-- so he gets to track stocks and make a to-do list and all sorts of fun stuff like that.
  • Inventing-- you know those things you think your kids really aren't going to succeed in doing, but you have to let them do anyway?  This is one of them.  
  • Hiking-- not the hiking part.  He's waiting for William to come back before doing that.  But he is going to get the other requirements done, including writing up some plans for 10 mile hikes.  And we'll be going on them on weekends this summer and into the fall.  Because *I* need it.  Oh, I mean, so the kids can earn their merit badge.
Anyone who wants to pray for a paranoid mom this week, I'd definitely appreciate it.


Michelle Smith said...

I was thinking about posting about this topic today, too. I drove my son to the drop-off for Boy Scout camp yesterday, too. I've been praying for him this morning, wondering whether he's having a good time. I'll pray for you, William and Connor this week. :)

Debra said...

Michelle - thanks! I didn't have this problem with Connor. I mean it was weird to have him gone, and I worried a bit...

But with William, oh, it is so different... at least he has been there before, so he knows what to expect and all.

And I admitted to Jeff (the adult I blogged about) that I am a complete wreck about this. I think he's going to march William over to the pay phone (or hike him to *the* spot with the cell signal) and make him call me...

Astronomy. I'm praying that he has a hands-on astronomy merit badge counselor and not an academic 'listen to me lecture and take notes' type...

Mary said...

Hi Debra- I am new to the TOS Crew. I dropped my Bradley off on Sunday too. He is currently a STAR Scout. He was supposed to be doing Lifeguarding all this week, but I got a call Sunday night from his ScoutMaster that through a series of events he was put on Staff for some Reptile program. Right up his alley, but now we will need to do the Red Cross Lifeguarding program.

I am adding you and your son to my prayer list. I know the feeling. They are having extreme weather where my boy is...the Scout Master posted pictures of blown down tents - they had 70mph winds and golf ball size hail. Yikes!

He'll be home before you know it and it will be a great experience for him.

Debra said...

Mary! Bummer about not doing the lifeguard merit badge this week, but how cool about the reptile bit! My two are wanting to work on their Reptile merit badge now that we have two lizards in the house... gotta find a merit badge counselor.

My oldest is a Life Scout, and William is First Class. I'll have my third Boy Scout in February... they've joked about making a patrol just for my family :)

It probably actually will happen when my youngest son crosses over. All four boys will be Boy Scouts for about ten weeks. They said they are going to create a temporary patrol just for them, LOL!

Anyway, thanks for the prayers and the reassuring words. :)